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Technology ChetSo, what does it take to rent thousands of trailers every day? Industry-leading technology and fine-tuned customer service. We even put our service promise in writing!

To help our teams provide that service, we rely on industry-leading technology for moving trailers in and out quickly and for providing our branches real-time customer insights and branch performance data.

All of our trailers have telematics. Why? First, so our customers can manage their rental fleet most efficiently. Second, so our customers save money when they can find and return rental trailers fast.

Our commitment to technology means having the right tools at key customer “touch points.” We use hand-held computers/scanners for the trailer check-in/check-out process. And we provide online services that streamline our customer’s rental process. In fact, XTRA Lease makes a significant investment in information technology each year, so we can provide our 8,000 customers with unparalleled tracking and intelligence.