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Safety ScottySafety is a core value of XTRA Lease.

Because of that, we have a strong safety culture, built on the belief that everyone is responsible for safety. It’s an integral part of our operations, with the full commitment of executive management. All of us take our responsibility very seriously.

If an employee notices an unsafe condition or behavior, he or she will not only point it out, but will also intervene to correct it. For example, any of us is comfortable walking up to a branch manager or CEO and reminding him or her to wear safety glasses. At XTRA, this type of behavior is valued and rewarded.

A strong safety culture keeps our employees safe and our operations effective. OSHA and independent research show that such a culture has a greater impact than anything else on incident reduction.

Our is a set of shared attitudes and practices based on the belief that all accidents are preventable. Every branch employee is trained on how to work in an effective way that minimizes the risk of injury.

Because of this culture, we experience few at-risk behaviors, and, as a consequence, low incident rates and high productivity. We consider safety a part of how we succeed in all aspects of business and excellence and how we empower employees.

When you visit any of our branches, you see first-hand how we demonstrate our commitment.